Thermal Beauty Mask | Biox Series

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Premier exclusive thermal facial mask treatment features a distinct warming phase that results in an unforgettable experience and outstanding immediate results. Fine lines will disappear and wrinkles will diminish within a few applications



By employing a unique Dead Sea Mineral Complex and vitamins A, E & C which are known for their anti-aging properties, our Premier Thermal Beauty Mask opens the pores while absorbing dirt, oil, and toxins. Its unique heating action purifies and cleanses your skin while battling free radicals that cause the skin to age. Formulated to improve blood circulation within the cells and to target wrinkles, this mask supports healthy, renewed, and rejuvenated skin cells. Special active ingredients penetrate the heart of the skin cells to promote beautiful long lasting appearance. The results are stunning! Radiant, clean, and beautiful looking skin. This mask consists of two parts: 1) Thermal Beauty Mask in a glass jar. 2) A red magnesium-based stimulating mineral bar (in a compartment in jar cap).

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