Problematic Skin Mask

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 A professional luxurious mask that speeds up the texture renewal and balances the skin from within. Stimulating the skin’s metabolism to create the optimum balance of essential moisture and vital energy. Internal and external influences disturb your skin’s natural balance, irritations and imperfections arise, and your skin needs help. A secret formula with sulfur, trace elements and antibiotic enzyme especially used for impure skin, which fight imperfections and pigmentation.

Dead Sea minerals and liposome complex conveys the Dunaliella seaweed found in the Dead Sea. Rich in natural beta-carotene, vitamin E & A all special active agents to the heart of the cell and activates the skin’s inner defense mechanisms, which regulates the problem to restore the skin’s normal functions and give a beautiful appearance.

Size: 150ml


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Weight0.375 kg
סוג העור

לעור יבש ורגיש, לעור שמן, לעור יבש – רגיל

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