Premier Eye Cream

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A professional eye cream to treat the very delicate skin around the eyes. Helps combat wrinkles and helps firm the skin, revitalizes the skin cells, stimulates cellular metabolism and reduces puffiness. It is an important protection against damaging environmental influences. The Dead Sea Minerals and Liposomes convey the Dunaliella, natural Aloe Vera, oxygen and Vitamins A & E to the heart of the cell providing the most effective anti-aging formula known.
It is an advanced cream enriched with Dunaliela Seaweed found in the Dead Sea, rich in Beta-Carotene. A revolutionary new technology, it is so perfect we named it – Dunaella. An ultra-modern texture adapted for all skin types that will leave your skin looking younger than ever. It os a perfect base for make-up. The cream contains UVA and UVB sun filter protection.

Size 35ml / 1.25fl.oz


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