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Bella Evita At The Deadsea

Experienced in production and marketing of Dead Sea skin care products since 1991. The company is a market leader in Israel since 1967, dedicated to create this superb luxurious line of skin care, Bella Evita. 

Bella Evita is an advanced, high-performance collection of anti-aging skin care facial products.  The Bella Evita range of products has been formulated using innovative ingredient complexes such as;

  • Pentavitin®
  • Riboxyl™
  • Regu®-Age  PF
  • Glucam™ E-20
  • Sepicalm™ VG
  • Hydroviton® 24 & Manoliva™

which have been clinically tested and proven for their ability to stave off the typical signs of aging. 

These cutting-edge ingredient complexes have then been combined with rejuvenating Dead Sea minerals, renowned for their cosmetic and curative properties and then enhanced with a rich blend of naturally moisturizing plant extracts and essential oils. 

The formulas have then been further enriched with the addition of collagen and beneficial vitamins such as A, B5, C, E & F, that are vital ingredients for vibrant, healthy skin.  Manufactured using the most up-to-date cosmetic technologies and natural ingredient innovations, this highly effective collection of skin care products has been designed to enhance your natural beauty while effectively reducing the typical signs of aging, to leave your skin radiant and refreshed.

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